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Something you do not know about printing !

Something you do not know about printing !  1. Which is the largest printed book in the world ? The answer is Klencke Atlas !   It's printed in 1660, and only 31 copies of the book. It is 1.75 metres tall (about 5 ft, 9in) by 1.9 metres wide when open (about 6 ft, 3in), 39 sheets/68 pages, 150 kgs. It needs six people to carry it and one person to turn it over with much strength. 2. Which is the  smallest hardcover book  in the world ? The answer is a hardback book printed in 1952, the size is 3.5mm x 3.5mm, which is smaller than a fifty cents coin.   It's with black hardcover, printed by toppan printing. It's a catholic bible combines 7 languages, including American English, British English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, and Swedish.     3. Which is the biggest size poster in the world ? The answer is poster for the film Boss.   It's printed by a 5 meters width inkjet printer on 36 sheets of PVC board at  size 5 metres x 18 meters and connected together, it costs 30

Catalogue printing with company logo

  Catalogue printing with company logo Catalogue Printing size: 210 x 285 mm, customized. Cover: 200gsm glossy C2S art paper , 4C+0C, 1/S gloss lamination. Text :105gsm C2S glossy art paper , 4C+4C. Inner Pages: 256PP + 4PP cover Binding :  Perfect binding Packaging: in standard export paper carton or pallet. Delivery Time of  Catalogue Printing : 10 to 15 days after receiving artworks. Shipment Advice  for Catalogue Printing:  1) Total weight less than 100 KGS, we suggest you can send out the goods by courier, FedEx, UPS,DHL, EMS, DPEX, etc to your office directly. 2) Total weight between 100 KGS to 300 KGS, we suggeat you can ship them out by air to your closed airport. 3) Total weight above 300 KGS, you can send them out by sea shipment to your closed seaport. Regular Catalogue Printing Size : 1) A3: 285 x 420 mm 2) A4: 210 x 285 mm  3) A4: 216 x 280 mm 4) A5: 140 x 210 mm 5) A6: 100 x 140 mm 6) A7: 70 x 100 mm 7) 280 x 280 mm 8) B3: 260 x 380 mm 8) B4: 185 x 260 mm 9) B5: 125 x 185

Brochure Printing: How to Print Your Brochures in a Good Quality ?

  How to Print Your Brochures in a Good Quality ? When you  print brochures , it is always a risk and an investment. You are spending money in brochure printing to advertise and expose your business or project to get something valuable back. This can be anything from a net return of investment in terms of sales, or it can also be about just pure exposure to the public. To make sure and get that kind of success, it is important to know how to manage your brochure printing to avoid failure. In my 5 years in the business, I have found that there are five major ways to do this when printing brochures. 1. Never print without triple checking First, you must always check your whole brochure before sending them off to the printers. The worst mistakes of all in brochure printing is when a vital flaw gets multiplied hundreds and even thousands of times before it is detected. It can be something like a bad typographical error, to bad layouts and images. So it is important to pr

Twelve money-saving printing questions to be asked before printing your promotional material

  Twelve money-saving printing questions to be asked before printing your promotional material There are questions you should ask yourself and your commercial printing company in order to make the most of your print budget. Please check the below printing questions with excellent comments. No.1: Will more than one person to check the printing proof before printing? Obviously,no matter how many times you proofread text, you may miss the same glaring error each time it’s passed over. Double checking by another persons, you can sort this out quickly. In fact, the more people that proof your job the better. Unlike online content, you can correct the mistakes later found. Remember, a spell checker won’t catch all the mistakes on your text. More specifically, it won’t catch misspellings that form other valid words. No. 2 If we change the size of the printed product, can we print on a smaller printing machine and save money? There’s no need to have your A5 leaflet printed by a large commercia

5 Tips to Increase The Attractiveness of Catalog Printing

  5 Tips to Increase The Attractiveness of Catalog Printing In catalog printing, the image is what sells the products. During the holidays, that image should be your competitive edge that will always get you a sure sale from the readers of your color catalogs. Do not worry, doing this is not rocket science. All you really need to do is to increase the attractiveness of your images in catalog printing. How exactly can you do this? Well let me give you a few tips. 1. High quality, high resolution images – If you want great images, you need to get high quality photographs. This means using the best camera set to take the highest resolution images as possible. It is best to use digital cameras these days with a high “megapixel” indication. Anything 5 and above is decent, but try to go for 10 megapixels or more if you can afford to buy or borrow the camera. As long as you have a high quality camera to take high resolution images, your color catalog pictures should be quite attractive for mo