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Ten Questions For Testing Your Knowledge Of Printing

Ten Questions For Testing Your Knowledge Of Printing    1. For rush projects on an offset/traditional press, does uncoated stock or coated stock allow the ink to dry faster?   A. Uncoated   B. Coated   2. Small quantity projects are typically printed on a digital press. What is the maximum sheet size (including bleeds) that can be printed on our Kodak NexPress?   A. 11" x 17"   B. 12" x 20"   C. 13.4" x 35.6"   D. 28" x 40" 3. True or False: All 100 lb Cover paper is the same thickness.   A. True   B. False   4. What is the largest paper size we can run on our offset presses?   A. 20" x 24"   B. 23" x 35"   C. 25" x 38"   D. 28" x 40"   5. True or False: File preparation (graphic design) can be the same regardless of whether the printing method is digital press or offset/traditional press.   A. True   B. False   6. True or False: For short-run or variable data projects, digital press production is limited t