5 Tips to Increase The Attractiveness of Catalog Printing

 5 Tips to Increase The Attractiveness of Catalog Printing

In catalog printing, the image is what sells the products. During the holidays, that image should be your competitive edge that will always get you a sure sale from the readers of your color catalogs. Do not worry, doing this is not rocket science. All you really need to do is to increase the attractiveness of your images in catalog printing. How exactly can you do this? Well let me give you a few tips.

1. High quality, high resolution images – If you want great images, you need to get high quality photographs. This means using the best camera set to take the highest resolution images as possible. It is best to use digital cameras these days with a high “megapixel” indication. Anything 5 and above is decent, but try to go for 10 megapixels or more if you can afford to buy or borrow the camera. As long as you have a high quality camera to take high resolution images, your color catalog pictures should be quite attractive for most.
2. Lighting enhancements – Lighting is a crucial factor that determines the attractiveness of your catalog products. It is always best to take the photograph at very bright conditions so that there are no shadows that will hamper the look for the product. Moreover, brighter conditions mean that the photographs will look more alive and energetic which is good for any product in your color catalog. So always take your photographs with as much light as possible.
3. Color enhancements – Now you should know that you can actually enhance the colors of your product images in color catalogs. Depending on your software for image editing, you can increase certain hues or emphasize certain colors so that your products do indeed quite shine. Try looking for auto-correct features to help you with this, or just play with the settings of your color hues to get the best color result.
4. Festive design feature – Now, if you want that attractive holiday element, my best suggestion for this is to add glitter. This can be done by using glitter inks or metallic inks in the catalog printing process. Adding that little silver or gold glint into your catalog product image can really be engaging to readers, making them remember the catalog and the product much more. Try to always have this festive design feature yearly in catalog printing so that people can feel the holiday cheer whilst remembering the products you are selling.
5. Action shots – Finally, product shots in color catalogs will always become attractive if there are actions shots of it. You can just have some models pose with your products as they use them. People will of course relate more to this kind of image since they will be able to imagine themselves using your product. This makes the product image more attractive and more effective at selling things.
Great! Hopefully this helps a lot in your holiday catalog printing today! Good luck with your promotions.

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