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Catalogue printing with company logo

  Catalogue printing with company logo Catalogue Printing size: 210 x 285 mm, customized. Cover: 200gsm glossy C2S art paper , 4C+0C, 1/S gloss lamination. Text :105gsm C2S glossy art paper , 4C+4C. Inner Pages: 256PP + 4PP cover Binding :  Perfect binding Packaging: in standard export paper carton or pallet. Delivery Time of  Catalogue Printing : 10 to 15 days after receiving artworks. Shipment Advice  for Catalogue Printing:  1) Total weight less than 100 KGS, we suggest you can send out the goods by courier, FedEx, UPS,DHL, EMS, DPEX, etc to your office directly. 2) Total weight between 100 KGS to 300 KGS, we suggeat you can ship them out by air to your closed airport. 3) Total weight above 300 KGS, you can send them out by sea shipment to your closed seaport. Regular Catalogue Printing Size : 1) A3: 285 x 420 mm 2) A4: 210 x 285 mm  3) A4: 216 x 280 mm 4) A5: 140 x 210 mm 5) A6: 100 x 140 mm 6) A7: 70 x 100 mm 7) 280 x 280 mm 8) B3: 260 x 380 mm 8) B4: 185 x 260 mm 9) B5: 125 x 185

Will paper book be replaced by E-book ?

Will paper book be replaced by E-book ?  When the internet grows rapidly, E-books come out along it. It’s a very popular and easy way for reading books at present. It’ll change the reading habit quite a lot! Are you still concern about the  traditional paper books? Then we’ll have this question: Will the E-book replace the paper book? Well, it’s a little bit early to give the answer to this question yet! Below is something you should know about the paper book before answering that question: 8 advantages of paper book you should know about, comparing to the E-book: 1. You own the paper book then you buy it, but you just can rent an e-book when you pay, as it’s an electronic version book. 2. You can sell the paper book on the black market, and it’s value added on the second hand market if it’s a rare version paper book. Whereas,  the E-book will not have the stock problems. 3. The non-fiction paper book is much cheaper than E-book. And, you can find the competitive book price on the mark