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Want To Test Your Printing Knowledge?

Want To Test Your Printing Knowledge?  Please check with the common printing questions as in below: 1. From what material was the earliest paper made? A. Bark B. Bamboo C. Silk D. Cloth scraps and plant fiber 2. What materials were used for type before Gutenberg's invention? A. Clay B. Bronze C. Wood D. All of the above 3. Where was the first ink factory established? A. England B. France C. Colonial America D. Spain 4. As used on a printing press, what is a blanket? A. The large sheet used to cover it at night to keep it clean. B. A full coating of ink. C. A rubber sheet that transfers ink to the paper. D. The mat beneath the press to reduce static discharges. 5. What is process color printing? A. Printing with inks that are machine processed. B. Printing with more than one ink. C. Printing that uses four inks to produce a full spectrum of color. D. Printing with a special procedure in which each color is processed before the next is applied. 6. In printing, the term trapping refer