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Something you do not know about printing !

Something you do not know about printing !  1. Which is the largest printed book in the world ? The answer is Klencke Atlas !   It's printed in 1660, and only 31 copies of the book. It is 1.75 metres tall (about 5 ft, 9in) by 1.9 metres wide when open (about 6 ft, 3in), 39 sheets/68 pages, 150 kgs. It needs six people to carry it and one person to turn it over with much strength. 2. Which is the  smallest hardcover book  in the world ? The answer is a hardback book printed in 1952, the size is 3.5mm x 3.5mm, which is smaller than a fifty cents coin.   It's with black hardcover, printed by toppan printing. It's a catholic bible combines 7 languages, including American English, British English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, and Swedish.     3. Which is the biggest size poster in the world ? The answer is poster for the film Boss.   It's printed by a 5 meters width inkjet printer on 36 sheets of PVC board at  size 5 metres x 18 meters and connected together, it costs 30