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Ten Questions For Testing Your Knowledge Of Printing

Ten Questions For Testing Your Knowledge Of Printing    1. For rush projects on an offset/traditional press, does uncoated stock or coated stock allow the ink to dry faster?   A. Uncoated   B. Coated   2. Small quantity projects are typically printed on a digital press. What is the maximum sheet size (including bleeds) that can be printed on our Kodak NexPress?   A. 11" x 17"   B. 12" x 20"   C. 13.4" x 35.6"   D. 28" x 40" 3. True or False: All 100 lb Cover paper is the same thickness.   A. True   B. False   4. What is the largest paper size we can run on our offset presses?   A. 20" x 24"   B. 23" x 35"   C. 25" x 38"   D. 28" x 40"   5. True or False: File preparation (graphic design) can be the same regardless of whether the printing method is digital press or offset/traditional press.   A. True   B. False   6. True or False: For short-run or variable data projects, digital press production is limited t

Common Printing Vocabulary, Printing Terms

Common Printing Vocabulary, Printing Terms  Book binding Chinese traditional thread sewing Paper cover binding Rich binding Costly binding Butterfly fold binding Scroll binding Accordion binding Ordinary binding Joint binding Rough binding Double leaved Book spiral binding Screw post binding Loose leaf binding Rounding back Saddle stitching Flat back Flat stitching Thread sewing Parallel thread sewing Across thread sewing Glue binding Perfect binding Wire side stitching Sew binding Plastic thread sealing Nole stitching two-up binding machine binding book block processing raking register signature folding assemble insert folded insert back baking collating ganging up nipping bundling covering tie up ruling slitting casing in knocking out the groove building in pasted board jog collecting cutting waxing brush back cutting brush glue bag making headbanding and lining makeready lettering dry reversal and pile decorative finishing laminating creasing calendering foil stamping register gilt