Will paper book be replaced by E-book ?

Will paper book be replaced by E-book ? 

When the internet grows rapidly, E-books come out along it. It’s a very popular and easy way for reading books at present. It’ll change the reading habit quite a lot! Are you still concern about the  traditional paper books? Then we’ll have this question: Will the E-book replace the paper book?

Well, it’s a little bit early to give the answer to this question yet!

Below is something you should know about the paper book before answering that question:

8 advantages of paper book you should know about, comparing to the E-book:

1. You own the paper book then you buy it, but you just can rent an e-book when you pay, as it’s an electronic version book.

2. You can sell the paper book on the black market, and it’s value added on the second hand market if it’s a rare version paper book. Whereas,  the E-book will not have the stock problems.

3. The non-fiction paper book is much cheaper than E-book. And, you can find the competitive book price on the market easily.

4. We can buy the paper book with others with sharing the cost legally. But, it’ll not allow you to do it like that for the E-books because of the publishing right.

5. We can lend our paper books to others freely as many times as we’d like to. But you can only lend the E-book to others once. After that, you can not lend it to others anymore.

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6. Once we had paid for the paper books, we owned it permanently. However, you cannot delete, replace or own the E-books like you did for the paper books.

7. When we have a certain quantity paper books on hand, we can assort all the books and pick out those books we don’t need, you can sell them for money or donate them to your local library, that’s a really good charity.

8. You can feel it, touch it and see the real paper quality while reading a paper book. However, between you and the E-book, there’s the touch screen while reading the E-book.

So, what do you think now? You still have the confirmed answer for the above question? It’s not difficult to imagine that we’ll have several online E-books, E-bookstore or E-book libraries in future, it’ll make the reading very conveniently and easily. But, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need the bookstore or library for paper books then, or you will lose the above advantages of the paper books.

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