Owning and Reading paper books is the noble behavior

Owning and Reading paper books is the noble behavior 

In the reading reports recently, it says that the reader numbers is declining. It’s not surprising that while reading E-books on mobile phone or tablet become popular nowadays. Here’s the results of the average readers of the paper books in different countries last year: It’s 455 pieces of paper books in China, 10 pieces of paper books in Korean, 20 pieces of paper books in France, 40 pieces of paper books in Japan, 65 pieces of paper books in Israel.

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The most common method for reading books is via mobile phones at present. It owns 38.8% readers, it’s much higher than the percentage 27.5% for the paper books readers, including magazines and newspapers.
The report shows that, the best-selling paper books is usually for education, reference books. Actually, it’s very wired while you’re reading a thick professional books in the public or coffee shop, as it’s very difficult for you to find out another person also doing the same thing as you did. However, while you’re reading a book on a mobile phone or tablet, nobody knows you’re reading or playing games at that moment. Or, you can use Kindle, as it’s used for reading only.
While the E-books come up, many defects of paper books are also shown up. One of them is you need many spaces to store your paper books. It’ll cost you much to build your own library for your books.
It’s really difficult for you to carry many pieces of books while you’re reading on your travelling. While you’re moving to a new house, you’ll feel very tired for carrying all your books together with other stuffs.

That’s why we say that owning and reading paper books is the noble behavior at present. However, it’s worthwhile if you love paper books, and the paper books will become cherish certainly. So, become a noble, and print your paper books in our factory. You can find many different kinds of paper books we made here : printed paper book printing

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