Color information you should know about while preparing the artwork for printing?

Color information you should know about while preparing the artwork for printing? 

Will the designer remember all the CMYK or RGB colors while preparing the artwork for printing?

The answer is NO. There're so many colors, it's difficult to remember all of them. However, the designers always have the good sense of the colors.
So, what should we do when we have to use the CMYK or RGB color for designing?
RGB: It's the short form of (Red), (Green) and (Blue). 
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All the colors you see on the computer is mixing these 3 original colors. Actually,  RGB is a self-luminous color. You do not need the extra light to see them.
For example, in our daily life, there's TV set, monitor, cell phone, PC, etc, all of them is with these three orginal RGB colors only. How come? It's impossible, as you see different colors on them. Yes, correctly, as there're 256 levels of color, from level 0 to 255 (0-255).They're showing 256 kinds of RGB colors, and mixing them together to show you the final different colors. 
Well, maybe the above explanation is still very complicated for you. Let's show you how to understand it well as in below:
As RGB is self-luminous, just imagine that there're 3 magical spot lights with Red, Green and Blue color. And, you can adjust it from level 0 to 255. 
Now, you only turn on the Red light to the max. level (255), then you'll see the Red color as in below picture:
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Then we switch it into another light, we turn on the green light only to the max. level (255), that's the Green color you get.
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From the above, we know that, the color value for Red is (R:255 G:0 B:0) and Green is (R:0 G:255 B:0). Likewise, Blue is (R:0 G:0 B:255).
So, let's trun on two lights at the same time to see what'll happen. Just trun on the Red light and Blue light, keep the Green light out. You cannot see the red color or blue color anymore, interesting, you'll see Megenta color instead.
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Then you'll know the color value for Megenta is (R:255 G:0 B:255).
What color shall we see if we turn on all of the three lights at the same time ? Take a guess...It's white color!
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Amazing! So color value of white color is (R:255 G:255 B:255).
To find out more colors, just try it by yourself as we show you above.
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However, you cannot use RGB format file for printing, it's CMYK colors in printing.
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            C: Cyan    M: Magenta   Y: Yellow   K: Key(blacK)
Actually, we can mix C, M, Y to get the black color. However, this kind of black color is not pure black. It'll looks like dark grey color or dark brown color. And, the printing cost is higher for doing this, so we use K color instead. That's why we call it CMYK printing nowadays.

For CMYK color, we call it the reflective color. You need the light (no matter the sunlight, flash light or other lights) on it, then the color will reflect to your eyes.

To understand it, you cannot take it as a spot light anymore. You just can imagine it as a kind of ink.
For example, you're a painter, you have four kinds of inks C,M,Y,K with the white paper on hand.
You only paint the Cyan color on the paper, then you'll get Cyan color only.
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So, the color value of Cyan is (C:100 M:0 Y:0 K:0).
Likewise, if you only paint the Yellow color on the paper, then you'll get Yellow color only.
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So, the color value of Yellow is (C:0 M:0 Y:100 K:0).
What color shall we get if we painted Cyan and Yellow together on the paper? Aha, it's green color! 
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So, the color value of green color is (C:100 M:0 Y:100 K:0).
Just try it at your side, you'll get many other colors. And, how many colors will you get totally?
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For CMYK, it's total: 101(C)x101(M)x101(Y)+101(K)=1,030,402 colors
For RGB, it's total: 256(R)x256(G)x256(B)=16,777,216 colors.
So, there're many kinds of RGB colors that cannot be pinted out in CMYK printing.
Such as the Purple color in RGB mode, it's very shinning. It looks very beautiful on your computer, you'd like to print it out with your printer.
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Then you'll get the below color instead:
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Oh, my God! What happened? Is my printer broken?
The above information is the personal understanding about colors from YellowPrinting, if you copied it to elsewhere, please show the original source of this article, thanks.

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